Motorsport desktop client

DRM/playback issues

Sometimes, MultiViewer doesn't work out of the box for users. There are a few scenarios that have happened before, with the solution documented below:

When I open a stream, the window stays black
Depending on your platform, this could have various causes, but a few possible reasons could be:
  1. You may be streaming your content (for instance using AirPlay mirroring, or using an iPad as an external display). This isn't supported for DRM protected streams right now.
  2. You may be using an unsupported cable, hub or display. Your display should support HDCP for DRM to work properly.
  3. You could be having an intermittent issue we haven't been able to diagnose yet. To fix, you should quit the app and remove the app's data directory (%APPDATA%/MultiViewer on Windows, ~/Library/Application Support/MultiViewer on macOS) and open the app again.
  4. If you upgraded from an earlier version, you may be able to fix the black screens by signing out in the older version, then signing in in the new one.
Unstable playback, stuttering or excessive framedrops

If you're on Windows you may be able to resolve this by disabling VSync and frame rate limiting.

  1. Open the NVIDIA Control Panel, navigate to: Manage 3D Settings Manage 3D Settings Program Settings.
  2. Add MultiViewer
  3. In app-specific settings, disable Vertical sync, Background Application Max Frame Rate and Max Frame Rate
  4. Click Apply and restart the app.
  1. Open the AMD Radeon Software (right click on your desktop, click Show more options AMD Radeon Software)
  2. Go to the Gaming or the Graphics tab in the menu bar
  3. Either system-wide or application-specific disable both Wait for Vertical Refresh, Radeon™ Chill and Max Frame Rate/Frame Rate Target Control
  4. Click Apply and restart the app.

Finally, make sure that after changing these, hardware acceleration (in Settings) is enabled.

The player keeps 'loading'
This is usually a temporary issue with a player window, you can try reloading (press F5, Ctrl+R or Cmd+R, or by right clicking and selecting "Reload"). If this doesn't work, close the player and try opening it again.
The player has scrollbars
This happens when the window is too small to fit the telemetry. You have a few options:
  • Hide the telemetry by pressing T
  • Zoom out the window by pressing Cmd+minus, Ctrl+minus or Ctrl+Shift+minus (not numpad minus)
  • Increase the size of the player

Did you not find the solution to your issue?

You can always join our community and ask for help there:

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